A study of the book of Luke, chapter eighteen verse thirty-one through chapter nineteen verse ten was recorded October 27, 2019 with Pastor Aaron Lapp.

Sermon Discussion Questions for Luke 18:31 – 19:10

1. How do you deal with things you dread?
2. What preconceptions do you have that have hindered your relationship with Jesus?
3. How are you like the Sons of Thunder?
4. In what ways or areas of your life can you be blind?
5. Have you asked Jesus for what you need? Do you ask in faith (James 1:6; Mark 11:24)?
6. List the first five names that come to your mind for Jesus?
7. What do they tell you?
8. In your own words how do you define mercy?
9. What is the hang up that keeps you from telling others what the Lord has done for you?
10. How can you overcome it?
11. In what ways do you praise the Lord…not including Sunday mornings?
12. Important: Through this study, what is the Holy Spirit challenging you to do this week? How do you need to obey this?

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