A study of the book of Luke, chapter twenty-one was recorded November 24, 2019 with Pastor Aaron Lapp.

Sermon Discussion Questions for Luke 21
  1. The widow gave all that she had to God and trusted Him for provision. What are you withholding from giving to God and why? Do you really believe that He will provide what you need?
  2. Do you believe that He will provide your afterlife but He has left you in charge of your present life? Is that holding you back from giving Him everything?
  3. What do you have that you could give God to use in His service? Make a list; nothing is too small. (Ex. I can’t sing but I have a bicycle…) It may not seem like much to you but surrender it to God and see what He will do.
  4. What is the “temple” in your life, the thing that you have made that you are so proud of? It may be something tangible like your home. It may be some intangible like your reputation in the community.
  5. How do those things compare to the temple Jesus said would be completely thrown down?
  6. Jesus spoke of the signs of things to come that would happen in AD 70. Why is it important for us to study these things?
  7. Jesus also spoke of signs that would come later, at an undetermined time. Why is it important for us to study these things?
  8. Can you share a time when you had the chance to share your story or to “be a witness for Jesus” and it went better than you thought? How about when it didn’t seem to go well at all?
  9. How do you react when you try and share your testimony and it is rejected?
  10. What does “Endurance mean to you”? What weighs you down?
  11. Why do you think Jesus did not tell us when He would return?
  12. Important: Through this study, what is the Holy Spirit challenging you to do this week? How do you need to obey this?
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