A study of the book of Exodus one was recorded January 19, 2020 with Pastor Aaron Lapp.

Sermon Discussion Questions for Exodus 1
  1. Many years before Jacob and his family come to Egypt, God promised Abraham that his descendants would outnumber the stars. All these years later they still only number 70. Share about a time in your life when your timing and God’s timing were different?
  2. How about a time when they lined up?
  3. Pharaoh’s plan was to suppress the growing Hebrew population through enslavement, hard work and ultimately murder. But God’s plan would not be deterred by human interference.  Can you think of a time when God’s plan was accomplished in spite of your human interference?
  4. In order to encourage the Hebrews to leave Goshen God allowed persecution. Share about a time when God allowed things to “heat up” in your life in order to get you to move.
  5. Can you see how that process further conformed you into the image of Jesus?
  6. When instructed to kill the newborn boys by Pharaoh, the midwives feared God and did not do as instructed. How was their fear of God different from their fear of Pharaoh?
  7. Like the midwives, how has the fear of God changed a decision that you were pressured to do?
  8. Ultimately the Midwives disobeyed Pharaoh, the highest authority in the land. When is it okay to disobey authority? (Read Romans 13:1-8 and Acts 4:13-20 for help.)
  9. When is it okay to tell a lie? (Look up Proverbs 6:16-19 for help.)
  10. How did God honor the midwives’ obedience to Him and how might that translate to your life?

Important: Through this study, what is the Holy Spirit challenging you to do this week? How do you need to obey this?

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