A study of the book of Exodus thirty was recorded August 9, 2020 with Pastor Aaron Lapp.

Sermon Discussion Questions for Exodus 30
  1. Pastor Aaron used his missing rug as an illustration about boundaries. Do you have boundaries in your life? Who set them? How do you stay within them when you can’t see them?
  2. God gave Moses instruction for building the altar of incense after He had established His dwelling place, it’s furnishings and the altar of sacrifice. Why is this significant?
  3. We established that incense in the Bible is a symbol of the prayers of the saints. How is burning incense like prayer? (we discussed 4 ways, there could be more)
  4. God gave Moses very specific instructions for the components of the incense that was to be burned on the altar. What were the components of prayer that we discussed?
  5. Why are all these components of prayer important?
  6. How was being washed in the bronze laver a picture of being washed in the Word of the Lord? How often are you washed in His Word?
  7. There were no dimensions given for the bronze laver and we are not told how much water it contained. If being washed with water is a symbol of receiving the Word of God, why is this lack of detail so significant?
  8. God gave Moses the recipe for His Holy oil, which was not to be replicated or used for any other reason but to anoint what belonged to God. What does an anointing with oil in the Old Testament represent in the New Testament and why was this anointing significant?
  9. Because the priests were constantly in the presence of God where the incense was perpetually burning they were covered with the sweet aroma, which was obvious to those whom they came in contact with. How can you have that same sweet aroma?
  10. Important: Through this study, what is the Holy Spirit challenging you to do this week? How do you need to obey this?