A study of the book of Exodus four was recorded February 9, 2020 with Pastor Aaron Lapp.

Sermon Discussion Questions for Exodus 4

1. Moses offered God four excuses for why he could not go to Egypt. What are some of the excuses that you have given when God challenged you?
2. Moses asked God, what if they ask me who sent me, what is they don’t believe me when I tell them. What are the “what if’s” that you wrestle with?
3. How can you turn those “what if’s” from leading in a negative direction to a positive one?
4. Like Moses rod, can God use something that has been natural to you in a supernatural way? How has He done that in your life?
5. God demonstrated His authority over sin in the three signs He gave Moses. What authority do you believe God has given you? Why?
6. In your own words, describe how God’s signs to Moses express the Gospel.
7. By not circumcising his son, Moses demonstrated that he was not fully in obedience to God. He had one foot in the world and one foot in heaven. In what area of your life, do you have one foot in the world and one foot in the Kingdom?
8. Moses finally admitted to God that it wasn’t really his lacking ability but his lacking availability. In what ways do you make yourself available to God? Do you rely on your own abilities?
9. In your life, have you ever had regret because you obeyed God? How does obedience to God normally turn out?
10. Do you really trust God to be with you in doing what He has called you to do? Reread Exodus 3 and 4 and mark down how many times God tells Moses He will go with him.

Important: Through this study, what is the Holy Spirit challenging you to do this week? How do you need to obey this?

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