A study of the book of Acts four was recorded October 18, 2020 with Pastor Aaron Lapp.

Sermon Discussion Questions for Acts 4
  1. In the Gospels, why were the religious leaders so threaten by Jesus’s presence? Why is that significant here in Acts 4?
  2. Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke of Jesus with boldness. In your own words what does it mean to be bold? How does that apply to your faith?
  3. Read Luke 12:11-12. How does this apply to Peter? Share a time when this has happened to you.
  4. In verse 10 Peter reminds the religious leaders that they crucified Jesus but God raised Him from the dead. What two important points was Peter making by this statement?
  5. Why is it so central to Christianity that Jesus was raised from the dead?
  6. Do you believe that Christianity is “narrow”? Explain your answer.
  7. In verse 13 it says that the religious leaders “saw” Peter and John’s boldness and knew they had been with Jesus. What do you think made it obvious that Peter and John had been with Jesus?
  8. What qualities do you possesses that would indicate to others that you have spent time with Jesus?
  9. After Peter and John return to their companions and told them all that had happened, they praised God and rejoiced in God’s plan through Jesus. They recognized that Jesus was never God’s plan B. Do you have a Plan B when it comes to God plan for your life?
  10. In this chapter, we see two separate instances of the filling of the Holy Spirit. Why isn’t one filling of the Holy Spirit enough?
  11. Important: Through this study, what is the Holy Spirit challenging you to do this week? How do you need to obey this?